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My fascination with branding started when I was just a bored teenager using Photoshop to transform pictures into representations of who I was and then promptly uploading them to my personal marketing platform: Myspace.


These days, you’ll still find me in the design studio, only now it’s as a Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Lead for a marketing agency in Miami. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of partnering with incredible brands like Zumba, Bud Light, Allstate, and FIU to name a few. My main objectives?

  • Bringing brand identities to life by crafting compelling and impactful work.

  • Solving problems with result-oriented ingenuity.

  • Meeting strict deadlines without sacrificing quality 


They say practice makes perfect – but it takes a bit more than that. In addition to over eight years of hands-on experience in advertising, on paper:


  • I graduated from Florida International University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications, specializing in Creative Advertising.

  • 2014 saw me walking commencement at FIU once again, graduating among the top of my class with a Master in Business Administration.


Oh and did I mention I deleted that Myspace profile? Luckily, I swapped it out for this awesome website where I can show off my skill and work. Take the leap and check out my resume.

StrengthsFinder Characteristics:

Positivity. Futuristic. Intellection. Input. Includer.